Saturday, May 30

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  1. So beautiful and peaceful - I love it!

  2. oooops, meant to include this with my first comment....curious as to your setting and post work for this shot. Shooting straight towards the sun, I was impressed that the birds in the sky (especially the ones very close tot he sun) were still visible. Wonderful capture

  3. Thanks for the comment Brent it means alot coming from you...You know the beach that night was getting pretty hazy, with clouds coming in from the north and I was just lucky, or an opportunist on a mission to stall from going home. I set down on the beach on little camp stool and waited to see if the sun would even peek.
    I knew the light was minimal so I used a tripod, F/4.9, ISO 50 and a solar filter(experiment). I waited for the waves to be on the out motion to minimalize movement and shot only 2 frames thinking maybe I've got something and actually the photo was still a little dark when I got it home, but to my delight and surprize with very little adjustment in curves. it popped for me. It was just an experiment of trying to pull off a sunset on the last hours before a trip home...which I'm always sad to leave anyway. I am one with the landscape there. A true cancerarian. thank's again.
    Ill have to find and post the other one also, it also was interesting, taken to the side with the sun and it also gave great detail to the sea birds, probably even more so. I'm not always the best judge on my own work...I tend to be more critical on myself.


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